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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Mar 17, 2022

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Allen Bond, managing director and portfolio manager at Jensen Investment Management in Lake Oswego, Ore., joins the podcast to provide some stock picks for an increasingly uncertain -- and inflationary -- time in global financial markets.

Content Highlights

  • Investors have two major issues they're grappling with right now: Ukraine and inflation (5:51);
  • To protect against inflationary pressures, Jensen looks for businesses that have pricing power (11:11);
  • Mastercard (MA) and TJX (TJX) are two such stocks (13:29);

  • Background on the guest (19:36);

  • Three additional stock ideas, starting with ADP (ADP), another company that is difficult to displace (28:54);

  • Broadridge Financial Solutions (BR), the leading provider of proxy services (35:51);

  • Pfizer (PFE) has sold off since making Covid vaccine headlines last year, but continues to generate a ton of cash -- and put it to productive use (43:26).

More Information on the Guest

Not intended as investment advice.