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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

Genna Lozovsky of Sandglass Capital Management joins the podcast to discuss investing in emerging markets distressed debt and credit.

Sandglass Capital invests in sovereign and corporate credit across global EM, typically seeking to be a liquidity provider "at prices that we think significantly underestimate the recovery potential of those assets."

Highlights (Spotify users can skip to the segment directly by clicking on the timestamp):

  • Short background on emerging markets and how we arrived at the current situation (2:03);
  • What to look for in terms of entry points for investments (4:53);
  • The fund's involvement in Argentina (10:00);
  • Where is Sandglass looking to invest now? (15:05);
  • Background on the guest (20:32);
  • Investing in local currency versus USD-denominated paper (22:55);
  • What kind of information does a fund like this look for? (26:07);
  • What's the typical holding period for these investments? (29:05);

Additional Information on the Guest

Not intended as investment advice.