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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Oct 16, 2019

Peter Borish is a founding partner at Tudor Investment Corp and current chief strategist at Quad Group. In his long career on Wall Street, Borish has seen multiple market cycles and met with and allocated to many hedge fund managers. He shares his wisdom with listeners.

The need for active management in today's market (6:23). A contrarian view on ego (8:35). State of the economic cycle and deflationary pressures (10:29), political realities (14:26), concepts to keep in mind for the long run (16:31). What to look for in an investment adviser and hedge fund manager (20:46). The current state of hedge fund talent (22:57). Areas for concern in the macro picture (26:45) and possible inflection points (29:18).

Not intended as investment advice.

More information on Peter Borish and Quad Group: