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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Feb 2, 2023

Joseph Politano of Apricitas Economics joins the podcast to discuss his views on the various discrepancies in the global economy -- and how the whole thing may play out.

Content Highlights
  • US home prices could be due for more declines, based on how housing starts and interest rates have been trending (2:15);
  • How much of the strength of the labor market is due to interest rate hikes not having taken full effect yet? (4:09);
  • Expecting a 'mild recession' may be as naive as anticipating a 'soft landing' (8:44);
  • Traditional leading indicators are out of synch, with manufacturing employment dropping precipitously but the services sector going from strength to strength (13:30);
  • The Fed may have already overdone it with interest rate hikes (14:57);
  • The 'best case' scenario may be akin to what happened in 1995-96 (18:15);
  • Background on the guest (22:23);
  • What to (possibly) expect from Fed policy the rest of 2023 (27:29);
  • Watch Japan's monetary policy as well (34:17);
  • What about cryptocurrencies as a systemic risk? (39:08);
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