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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Dec 16, 2020

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Brody Howatt of Bellator Asset Management joins the podcast to discuss his view that the market is getting closer to a "blow off top."

The guest also talks about what it was like working for Steven Cohen at SAC Capital and Point72 before starting his own firm.

Content Segments

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  • "A lot of it has to do with positioning" -- the major difference from before the election versus now (3:23);
  • There could be another 5% upside to the S&P, which should be seen as an opportunity to bring down exposure (4:59);
  • The run-off in Georgia is worth watching (7:17);
  • Look at illiquid names and potentially "take advantage of the up move to get out" (9:59);
  • The rotation out of big tech and into small caps has mostly played out already (12:51);
  • Background on the guest: son of a professional hockey player, Choate, West Point, Iraq, SAC Capital (17:51);
  • Bellator Asset Management, a veterans-owned business (22:43);
  • What it was like working for the legendary Steve Cohen, cold trading floor and all (25:15);
  • More about the Bellator strategy (29:51);
  • "The syndicate market never sleeps" (34:55).

More Information on the Guest: