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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Mar 20, 2020

Dr. Robert Bednarz joins the podcast to provide his professional opinion on the coronavirus: Just how serious of a health crisis is COVID-19? And how long might it persist until economies around the world can spring to life again?

Dr. Bednarz records from his home in Dundee, Scotland, where he is currently under self-quarantine. Unlike typical guests on this podcast, he has no experience or knowledge of investing or the economy. To that effect, this episode contains no stock picks or tangible views on economics. However, the medical view he supplies is certainly valuable for all members of the investing community.


(Spotify users can skip to the segment by clicking on the time stamp in question)

  • What is happening in Italy can happen anywhere (2:43)
  • The cases and fatalities in Scotland and how hospitals are dealing with the effects (5:47)
  • Hope relies on the local communities and people should "just stay home" (8:04)
  • The chances of a mutation of the virus exist, but it is unlikely to be more lethal than the current iteration (10:41)
  • Warmer weather should help (13:39)
  • The worst case scenario scaring medical professionals (15:31)
  • What medicines are being used for treatments? Antivirals show some promise (19:30)
  • Masks are useful only for those with symptoms. But buyer beware (23:23)

For more information on the guest:

  • Dr. Bednarz hosts a podcast, The Patient Will See You Now, available on all podcasting platforms, including iTunes and Spotify
  • Twitter: @Robert_Bednarz

Not intended as investment advice.