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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

The evolution of media has led to a "disconnect" between the reality of coronavirus and public perception of the pandemic, according to Enrique Abeyta of Empire Financial Research.

"We are on the precipice of COVID almost being over, or functionally as a major impact on society, mortality, etc.," says Abeyta. This, along with unprecedented liquidity injections by the Federal Reserve, will lead to a melt-up in global financial markets.

Highlights (Spotify users can link to the segment directly by clicking on the timestamp)

  • The disconnect in popular political and economic analysis and the actual situation with COVID in the U.S. (4:38);
  • Look at the numbers in aggregate; they are clearly declining (8:52);
  • The war on COVID is almost over and the coronavirus could effectively be over "in six weeks" (12:52);
  • What does all this mean for investors? Look at gyms and movie theaters (16:07);
  • A simple options strategy to play the coming melt-up that looks a lot like 1999 (18:07);
  • Three contrarian views and why the coming melt-up will be the best investing and trading environment in a generation (24:48);
  • Background on the guest (27:33);
  • How do you get your ideas? (39:28);
  • The "V-word" and why it doesn't matter and doesn't work (41:10);
  • The case for (42:48);
  • "Shorting sucks" (45:04);
  • Asset management is a religion (49:21);
  • Short discussion of risks (51:12).

More Information on the Guest

Not intended as investment advice.