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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Jun 9, 2022

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Kevin Rendino of 180 Degree Capital joins the podcast to discuss reasons for optimism (yes, optimism) in markets and why we may have already reached "peak pain."

Content Highlights

  • Valuations for most of the market are already discounting bad news across the board. Cash balances are at peak levels seen at the start of the pandemic, in 2008, and 2001 (2:44);
  • What segments of the market are particularly interesting right now? Look to semiconductors for starters (4:54);
  • How big of a concern is Fed policy? (7:20);
  • Media companies will benefit as the economy resumes its growth and advertising budgets revamp. There are indications this cycle is already turning (13:49);
  • What is 180 Capital's investing style and how does it work? (16:25);
  • Background on the guest (25:17);
  • The guest meets with company management often. What are some 'red flags' and 'green flags' he looks for? (31:38);
  • The 'great resignation' and which companies may be a great 'pedigree' for future executives (38:18);
  • Some parting guidance and why today's market feels more like 1990 than 2008 (43:17).

More Information on the Guest

Stocks Mentioned on this Podcast

  • 180 Degree Capital (TURN) -- the guest's publicly-traded fund;
  • Lantronix (LTRX);
  • Quantum (QMCO);
  • Arena Group (AREN);
  • Potbelly (PBPB).
Not intended as investment advice.