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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

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Salem Abraham of Abraham Trading Co. joins the podcast to discuss his bullish outlook for oil, predicated on supply issues and under-investment.

Content Highlights

  • The shift to renewable energy is real, even in the Texas panhandle. But the transition is still in the very early stages. Oil and gas are still needed -- so are investments in infrastructure (4:13);
  • Worldwide drilling has yet to recover to pre-Covid levels. This will lead to $200/barrel oil and $10 gasoline prices (7:07);
  • "I think we end up with stagflation," but even that will not solve the supply issues (8:50);
  • Natural gas "is still a great investment" (14:14);
  • The benefits of green hydrogen (16:31);
  • There are more pipelines than popularly believed in the U.S. and they are actually more precarious than transmission lines (19:52);
  • Background on the guest (29:36);
  • Liquid alternatives and the need for better diversification (31:37);
  • The Federal Reserve has to regain credibility after the 'transitory' talk. The Fed will blink, eventually... (36:02);
  • Unrelated: Notre Dame will not join the Big 10 for football, says the alumnus (39:49).

More Information on the Guest