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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Sep 14, 2021

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Michael Green, portfolio manager and chief strategist at Simplify Asset Management, joins the podcast to discuss the changing dynamics of market structure and how these are creating the potential for havoc.

Content Highlights:

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  • Market structure: what it means and how it has changed (3:30);

  • How passive investing pools are changing the equation (6:26);

  • How Tesla (TSLA) is the perfect case study for this phenomenon (8:39);

  • The Fed's impact when it comes to the bond market. This has ripple effect (13:02);

  • The interest rate and inflation outlook in the U.S. (15:34);

  • Background on the guest (20:55);

  • Passive investing has caused a host of confusing signals where the market cycle is concerned (24:37);

  • Business cycles are still alive and well, and this can of course impact the market. Where that stands today (30:05);

  • Market 'skew' is dramatically higher and chances of a collapse are increasing. "The market senses something is wrong." (34:31).

More Information on the Guest: