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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Dec 10, 2020

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Codie Sanchez of Entourage Effect Capital joins the podcast to discuss her view that wide swaths of the U.S. economy, those linked to small business, have yet to see many benefits of the post-COVID economic recovery.

Eventually, "the music will stop" and stock markets will see more sellers than buyers. To protect themselves, investors should seek recession-resistance sectors of the economy and try to access their own cash flows.

Content Segments

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  • There is a large segment of the market -- 47 million Americans who are employed by small business -- that has so far been left behind by the post-COVID economic recovery (4:02);
  • The leading macro and micro trends Sanchez is watching and how they are slowing (6:22);
  • Other things she watches to gauge small business growth, or in this case contraction (10:09);
  • All of this creates a buying opportunity for those seeking to gain a foothold in the "mom and pops" of the economy. Even retail investors can gain access (13:48);
  • Background on the guest (21:42);
  • The host introduces his three rules for this podcast, one of which is to not to discuss cannabis investing, which is promptly broken -- to get the guest's assessment of this asset class (24:35);
  • Investing in cannabis via public stock markets (27:20);
  • Legalization, decriminalization, and how it might happen federally in the U.S. (31:42);

More Information on the Guest: