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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Apr 29, 2020

Maya Joelson, founder and president of Metapoint Advisors, joins the podcast to discuss her view of exchange-traded funds.

These instruments are seen as efficient and cheap ways for investors, especially retail investors, to gain access to various asset classes. But this is misguided, especially when it comes to ETFs tracking bond markets. Even stock ETFs aren't always a good idea. Investors are better served picking individual securities themselves (or hiring somebody to do it for them).

(Spotify listeners can click on the timestamp to link to the start of the segment)

  • A short history on the rise of ETFs in the U.S. (2:10)
  • Why bond ETFs don't make as much sense as equity ETFs (6:49)
  • How long before investors get wise to this? (10:41)
  • What about stock ETFs, how efficient are they? (15:20)
  • Background on the guest (20:24)
  • "Better Safe Than SARS-y": Looking back on the call to derisk portfolios in early February and where we are now (25:43) 
  • Buy stocks that should do well in this environment: consumer staples, healthcare, Kraft Heinz, Chewy (29:53)

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Not intended as investment advice