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The Contrarian Investor Podcast

Dec 22, 2020

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Ryan Worch of Worch Capital joins the podcast to discuss his views that even after the massive post-COVID rally in stocks, the bull market is just getting started.

Content Sections

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  • The most appropriate historical parallel from a price-pattern standpoint may be 1999 and the massive "tech melt-up" that ended in 2000 (3:21);
  • "We believe the market is in this secular bull market -- for various reasons," particularly monetary easing. This should "supercharge" a move higher, much as in 1999 (5:35);
  • The similarities and differences between now and the late 1990s (8:40);
  • The Fed is "completely transparent these days." They will be forced to raise rates at some point, but the markets may not stop rallying for a while (12:21);
  • Current excesses are nothing compared to those of the late 1990s. People are still spooked by what happened (16:44);
  • Background on the guest (22:06);
  • How he started his fund in 2008 (26:39);
  • How Worch Capital was able to avoid the February-March correction this year (28:54);
  • Why he still likes growth, and which sectors (34:54).

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